Dog Walking

Dog Walking

     Dogs require a lot of attention and exercise. We always say, “a tired dog is a good dog!” Sometimes, we all get a little busy and can’t walk our dog as long as they may need it. We offer dog walks varying from 15 minutes to 30 minutes, or even 1 hour long play times that can be, or include, a lengthy walk! If you are gone for over 10 hours a day, and have a younger dog, consider our Pet Sitting services!


WE  ARE  CURRENTLY  ACCEPTING  SAME-DAY  BOOKINGS  AT  NO  ADDITIONAL  CHARGE!!! (space and availability permitting)


     Be confident that you’re dog is well taken care of when you’re day gets long at work or just too busy. Whether you are home or not, we are happy to help make sure your pet gets the proper amount of exercise.  Whether you need a weekend dog walker, or just on a weekday, our local dog walkers know the area and will treat your dog with care and your home with respect. We love taking dogs to places such as Lafayette Square, Coliseum Park, Louis Armstrong Park, Audubon Park and more! We are happy just walking around the block as well if that is all you need! Based on your dog’s breed and age, we will create a special dog exercise program unique for them. Extensive exercise programs should be approved by your veterinarian before implementation.


     We can provide walks at any time of day. You can feel comfortable knowing that your dog is being taken care of by a professional dog walker, all of which are CERTIFIED in Pet CPR, Pet First Aid and dog training! Specifically with new puppies, we want to help them become house trained as soon as possible and begin building their basic Obedience Training. We can book walks to fit your schedule and your needs for any breed, or age animal.


Dog Walking Prices

Primary area (blue) can book any walk.

Mid area (yellow) can book 20, 30 or 60 minute walks.

Extended area (red) can only book 30 or 60 minute walks.

Number Of Dogs15 Minute Walks20 Minute Walks30 Minute Walk60 Minute Walks
1$11 /walk + $3 /dog$14 /walk + $3 /dog$19 /walk + $5 /dog$36 /walk + $5 /dog
4+Please Contact Us for a Free Quote
Weekends and After Hours$19 /walk + $3 /dog$23 /walk + $3 /dog$29 /walk + $5 /dog$51 /walk + $5 /dog
Holidays$30 /walk + $3 /dog$38 /walk + $3 /dog$44 /walk + $5 /dog$68 /walk + $5 /dog

Weekends are Saturday and Sunday. Daily business hours are 9a.m – 6p.m; Walks are scheduled within a two hour window

Prices are subject to change and may vary.    

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