Obedience Training

Dog Obedience Training

      Dog obedience training is not just for puppies. You can use obedience for dogs at any point in their life. Obedience training has many different levels and aspects to it. The professional dog trainers at landMARK animals, inc. will work with you to teach a variety of behaviors and skills such as:

  • Sit
  • Stay
  • Down
  • Recall (Come when called)
  • Name recognition
  • Leave it
  • Loose-leash walking
  • Leash training
  • Voluntary nail trimming and grooming
  • Socialization
  • And many more!


     We also help you address and avoid undesirable behaviors that ultimately lead to stress and anxiety for both animals and humans.

     We offer dog obedience training right in your home, from basic obedience training to advanced obedience training.  Whether you are located in Chalmette, the French Quarter, Garden District, Irish Channel, Mid City, or Metairie, you are not too far away. If you are located in Slidell, Mandeville or the surrounding areas, we will still make sure we provide the time to see you! As your dog gets older, these basic behaviors are made stronger as more distractions become involved. We also offer refresher dog obedience courses, where we can help you and your dog remember these helpful behaviors that you learned during puppy training. Private dog training lessons allows us to personalize your training goals to fit your specific needs.


     After each lesson, you will have 15 – 20 minute daily homework assignments, where you will build strong and reliable cues. These simple and effective exercises will ensure that your dog’s obedience becomes stronger and the level of these behaviors increases with the age of your dog.


     Often times if a dog is over the age of 1, they generally have some behavior modification training that may need to be addressed while obedience training is taking place. For example, leash training a puppy can be quicker than leash training a dog who has already learned to pull on the leash.  We may use various techniques to stop your dog from pulling on the leash, depending on the breed and age of the dog. Our favorite moto at landmark animals is that “A Tired Dog Is A Good Dog!” so be sure to check out our Dog Walking and Pet Sitting services as well!


     We focus on positive reinforcement training methods, based on the science of operant conditioning. This typically provides the best obedience training for dogs. Treats, toys, and love are the primary rewards of our training, which helps your dog learn to trust you and enjoy training. We are happy to talk to you more about what you’re looking for! Fill out our Free Quote form or call us today!


Dog Clicker Training

     Popularity in the use of clicker training for dogs is on the rise, and our certified dog trainers will provide instruction and guidance in the use of this simple training tool. Using a dog training clicker communicates to your animal the exact moment they are doing the correct thing. The ‘click’ marks the correct behavior.  Clicker training dogs can be very exciting and even help motivate your dog to participate in positive reinforcement dog training.  Whether you are training a puppy for the first time or an adult dog, it is never too late to begin promoting good behavior with this clear communication tool.


Average Price Structure – Dog Obedience Training – New Orleans, Metairie, Gretna 

Initial in-home consult of 15-30 minutes AND 1 FULL HOUR of TRAINING$165
Each additional hour for age 10wks - 1year$54
Each additional hour for age 1+ Years$74
Dog Clicker Training can be added into any session you want (may be introduced at start of training with trainer recommendation)FREE

Not sure if you are in our service area? Call or text us at (504) 517-5045 to find out!