Pet Sitting

In-Home Pet Sitting   

  Taking your animal with you on trips is not always possible, and finding a safe and reliable place to board your animal is stressful. landMARK animals believes that keeping your animal in the same environment is the best way to reduce stress and keep your pets comfortable. Our quality, pet sitting service is perfect for anyone looking to keep their pets safe and comfortable no matter how long you are away for.


     Our STRESS FREE, in-home pet sitting includes multiple visits to your home throughout the day, giving your animal the opportunity to eliminate each time. We make sure that animals are getting the proper exercise they need each day as well as giving them lots of love and our full, undivided attention while we are there. As certified dog trainers, we practice Basic Obedience techniques and Behavior modification styles of training to ensure your dog remains on their best behavior while you are away! We encourage you to help your animal stay comfortable while you are away, because being without you is stressful enough. Our in-home pet sitting is the way to go if you are planning on leaving for one day or one month!


     Need a pet sitter? Whether you’re looking for dog sitting, cat sitting, bird sitting, rabbit sitting, or horse sitting, our local pet sitters are here to help.  Feel comfortable while you’re away that your pet is receiving great care from our staff. Daily Dog Walks and feeding are included in our pet care service, as well as any other special needs your animal may have such as medication administration or post surgery incision cleaning. We make our schedule based off of the routine that you follow with your animal, in an effort to keep everything stress free for both you and your pets.


     All of our pet sitting is in-home, which helps keep your animal(s) as comfortable as possible, without the worry of pet boarding. During our consultation, our insured pet sitter will learn your daily care routines with your animals, and follow them while you are gone.


We have experience with all kinds of animals, and we will always follow your instructions very carefully.  Our trusted pet sitters will always be in contact if you have any questions, concerns, or just want an update.


We are always just a phone call away and like to keep communication open with our clients at all times. We can also provide daily pictures upon request.


Planning a trip? Busy during finals? Having too much fun with Mardi Gras? We would love to watch your furry family for you while you are busy! Please note that pet sitting prices may vary.



Pet Sitting Prices

If you are located in the red areas on the map please add $5 PER VISIT. (Subject to change during high traffic times)

Dog Sitting – Primary Service Area (blue)


Number of Dogs2 Visits - 30 Minutes Each3 Visits - 20 Minutes Each4 Visits - 20 Minutes EachAdditional 30 Minute Visit
1$49 /day$64 /day$79 /day$17
2$59 /day$74 /day$89 /day$23
3$69 /day$84 /day$99 /day$29
2 Visits - 30 Minutes Each3 Visits - 30 Minutes Each4 Visits - 30 Minutes Each
4$77 /day$92 /day$107 /day$31
5$85 /day$100 /day$115 /day$35
6$93 /day$108 /day$123 /day$39
0-6Overnight stays in your home$85 /nightIncludes evening and morning walks

Cat Sitting – Primary Service Area (blue)


Number of Cats1 Visit - 30 Minutes Each2 Visits - 20 Minutes EachNumber of LitterboxesLitterbox Cleanings
2$22$322Add $3 /cleaning
3$25$353Add $6 /cleaning
4+Please Contact Us for a Free Quote

Holiday Rates

Please add $20 per day to your desired pet sitting needs.

Holidays Include, but are NOT limited to; Lundi Gras – Mardi Gras, Easter, Dec. 22 – Jan. 2, Thanksgiving, Martin Luther King Day, Memorial Day weekend, 4th of July, Labor Day, Columbus Day, Mothers Day and Fathers Day.


Call us or fill out our Free Quote form and we will contact you about availability and a consultation!