Dog Training Classes & Services – In-Home Pet Sitting, Walking & Pet Care

     landMARK animals professional dog training and personalized in home pet care offers a variety of services to fit your family’s specific needs, in a stress free manner. We serve clients throughout the New Orleans area, primarily with dog care services, but we also have other animal care and training including cats and birds – just reach out to let us know. For your dog training needs, your first in-home assessment with 60 minutes of training is $165. Additional training time can be purchased based on your individual situation. Our Louisiana-insured, certified dog trainers Mark Halladay and Chrissy Houston will help you select the right service for you and your pets.

Obedience Training

     Our senior trainers, Mark Halladay and Chrissy Houston, will guide you through the process of applying gentle and positive dog training principles, while watching your animal have a blast. The goal is to ensure your loved pets have fun and to help families feel joyful and connected to their dogs, all with methods based on positive reinforcement.  

     Feel confident that you will be paired with experienced, professional dog trainers to teach you and your animals important skills, with an emphasis on building strong relationships.  Across multiple visits, we will expand upon your animal’s repertoire of behaviors using the best dog training methods. READ MORE about dog obedience training!

Dog Clicker Training

     Clickers are a communication tool that can assist with training your dog.  They can be used for any of our training services to aid in training with precision; typically they come in handy for advanced obedience training and agility training.  Let us know if you are interested in using a clicker during our sessions with your dog!

Dog Behavior Modification

     Our behavior modification service is geared towards New Orleans families and working professionals who are experiencing unwanted behaviors and are committed to improving their animal’s quality of life. Our certified dog trainers will work with clients whose animals are rehearsing undesirable behaviors. Some problem canine behaviors will only require a simple adjustment, while others may necessitate a lesson plan with multiple dog training classes to assist you and your animal in the behavior training process. READ MORE about our behavior modification training.

Dog Training Behavior Education  

     Behavior Education is like our behavior modification and obedience training services. With this canine education class, we work directly with you to help you solve any undesirable behaviors your animal may be displaying or teach you any new behaviors you would like your dog to learn. We provide step-by-step instructions that you then apply and work with your pet.

     If you believe you have a good handle on training your dog but need some advice, this service is for you. If you are unsure where you stand with operant conditioning training principles, we recommend choosing our behavior modification or obedience training classes.

Pet Massage

      Pet Massage is a veterinary medicine in Louisiana, and thus must be prescribed by your vet and administered with a veterinarian on premise. Pet Massage is a multifaceted service that can aid your dog in many ways.  This service is useful for post-surgery recovery, anxiety and stress reduction, heeling soft tissue injuries, and many other purposes.  Our certified pet masseuse will spend time with you, your veterinarian, and your animal to formulate a personalized plan, directly benefiting your specific goals. If you would like this service and are not sure if we are already working with your local veterinary office, please contact us to find out where to obtain this service.

Pet Sitting

     Taking your animals with you on trips is not always a possibility and trying to find a safe and comfortable dog sitting facility to board your animals can be very stressful. landMARK animals believes that pet sitting in your New Orleans-area home is the best way to reduce stress and keep your pets comfortable. READ MORE about our in home pet sitting in New Orleans!     

Dog Walking

     As part of a holistic training plan, dogs need exercise and enrichment during their humans’ hectic and busy days. That’s where we come in! Regardless of your circumstances, you can count on our reliable, personalized, exercise and fitness services, again throughout the New Orleans area at your convenience. 

     We offer both single and multiple private session packages for all our services.  Other arrangements can be tailored to the specific needs of you and your animal. Please fill out our Free Quote Form or call us at 504.517.5045 to schedule your Consultation today!

We strive to respond to all inquiries in a timely manner.