Dog Training Behavior Education

What It Is – How It Works

What is Dog Behavior Education

For our behavior education service, we do not work directly with your dog like we would with our Obedience training.  These dog training lessons are conducted over email, phone, or in person. We also offer dog training online using video conferencing. With this service you can even learn Behavior Modification techniques without ever leaving your home! Now you can have a professionally trained dog with just some online or over the phone classes.

What Does This Education Involve

We begin with a consultation, where a certified dog trainer makes sure we understand what you want to train. We discuss the training involved and give you easy examples to understand. We then write out step-by-step instructions for you to follow. That’s it! It is THAT Simple!We provide you with the best dog training techniques to reach your training goals, and are here throughout the process to give any additional dog training help or troubleshooting that you may need.

We Practice Honesty

We will never lie to you about your problem and in some cases may tell you to seek help in your area where you can get hands on training with a different professional. Why? Because not all problems can be solved over the phone or through an email and we want to be sure that you are getting the results you desire. However, sometimes this is not realized until part way through a lesson plan and want to tell you now that you will not be refunded for this time. So be sure to explain exactly what you are looking to fix before we begin.

We Create Fun

We always want to make sure that you and your dog is having lots of fun during this entire process. We love using treats, toys, and praise to train any new behavior and to fix the bad. There may be times we ask you to correct your dog but this does not hurt them or their “feelings”. Simply put, it is just to guide them away from that behavior and into the correct response we are looking for. Corrections should only have to be administered once or twice to fix a problem so be sure to use lots of treats and toys to teach them properly the first time!

How Do You Know If This Service Is Right For You?

Well, let's take a look!

Experiencing Any Of This?

-->Maybe your dog already went through dog obedience classes and you just need advice on how to fix a behavior or make it stronger.

-->Perhaps you're having trouble crate training or house training them to go to the bathroom outside. You may just need some advice to help you!

-->Possibly, you have an understanding of training concepts, but want a little extra guidance to make sure you're working on something in the most efficient and effective way.

-->Or, conceivably, this is not your first rodeo and you have trained many a dog before; however, you’re stuck and need help deciding what to train your dog! Dog training online is an easy way to get the information you need. If you are located nearby New Orleans, we can help you with Dog Walking as well which may help tire your dog out and encourage proper behaviors.

Request A Class!

Not Sure What You Need?

Behavior education is a more advanced service that we offer because we provide you with instruction and not demonstration. If you're not sure what service is the best fit for you, you can contact us below or fill out our Free Quote form and a certified dog trainer will help you decide what fits your goals!