All Dog Walking will be administered by a certified dog trainer in the amount of time you have specified. landMARK animals ensures that your pets are taken care of properly.

That means that all of our dog walks will include feeding, refreshing water, medication administration (including oral, rectal, and injection medications), theft prevention measures (checking that doors/windows are locked up and turning on/off lights), and proper waste disposal, all at the owners request. 

Excepting short notice requests is not a problem! If we have the time, you have the service! We are dedicated to keeping our customers happy and take pride in the outstanding service we provide for you and your furry family. So Book A Walk Today and be sure to keep your pup in the best health they can be in! Rain or shine (not including hail or hurricanes) we will be there to provide exercise, bladder/bowel relief, and keep them stimulated during the day while you are away. 

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