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The Saulet Apartments in New Orleans

The wait is over for premiere apartment living in New Orleans, Louisiana, with amenities that are exceptional to the apartment industry. The Saulet has emerged as a multifamily community created for New Orleanians. With a footprint stretching four city blocks, The Saulet is the largest Luxury Apartment Community in New Orleans and represents the cutting edge of modern convenience and comfort. Capture the heart and soul that is distinctly New Orleans’ at a community you will love to call home. Offering you unsurpassed interior comforts parallel to custom homes and community amenities that will surely delight your senses.

Professional Member of New Orleans Chamber of Commerce

Mission: To provide the opportunities and resources that will enable businesses to prosper through networking, education and advocacy.

Vision: To be the leading membership organization that connects all businesses to foster opportunity, development and growth in the New Orleans community.

About Us:The New Orleans Chamber of Commerce was founded in 2004 to provide members with the opportunity to build mutually beneficial partnerships within the City of New Orleans. Currently the Chamber has over 1,200 members and also has the lowest dues in the region.


Certified Dog Trainer by Animal Behavior College -With References

Training Philosophy of ABC: ABC’s Training Program begins by teaching students how to build a proper canine/human relationship. It is our philosophy that creating a relationship built on positive interaction and consistency can often deter future unwanted behavior problems, facilitate faster learning and even solve some existing behavioral challenges.

From there, ABC Students learn how to become a dog trainer by teaching dogs new behaviors through luring, shaping, capturing or molding. ABC’s Training Philosophy follows the scientific behavioral principles of operant conditioning and involves using the least aversive approach possible in every training case.

Animal Behavior College (ABC) believes there are many different types of training methods that work. While the ABC Curriculum primarily focuses on and encourages the use of positive reinforcement training techniques, we also provide our students with an overall education on correction and punishment. Although our bias is toward the use of positive reinforcement, we believe instruction which incorporates a variety of training methods and ideologies will provide the most comprehensive education for our students.


Professional Member of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers

About APDT:

Whether you are just embarking on a dog training career, a seasoned industry veteran, or just trying to decide how best to add a dog to your family, the APDT is where you will find the advice, support, and training you need.

We can help find a local dog trainer for a loved but unruly pet; help professional dog trainers improve their experience, qualifications, and increase customer referrals; and help trainers access the benefits of a 5,000-strong global community with the same passion for dogs as you.

The world’s largest professional dog training community is at your fingertips.

Core Beliefs:

We believe in the fundamental value of the special relationship between dogs and humans, which benefits the individual and society as a whole.

We believe in the fundamental value to society of the profession of dog training and behavior consulting.

We believe in treating our human clients and their dogs with honesty and respect.

We believe that dog training and behavior modification should be based on critical thinking, open inquiry, shared knowledge and standards of practice.

We believe that reward-based training enhances the human-animal bond.

Core Values:

Professionalism – acting respectfully and responsibly to dogs, people and colleagues.
Excellence – lifelong learning and continued pursuit of knowledge.
Integrity -conduct business with professional ethics, honesty and respect.
Inclusiveness – treating each other with tolerance and maintaining an environment that respects and builds on the talents of others.
Collaboration – working with colleagues and allied animal professions.
Service – belief in the value of our members’ contribution to our association, and to the clients and communities they serve.