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by Bonnie McMillan on landMARK animals, inc.
Cat Care

Great pet sitters. Conveniently located inside the Saulet apartments! Extremely reliable!


Thank you Bonnie for this wonderful review! We are not located in The Saulet Apartments anymore however we still offer all of our services there and are continuing to give pet sitting discounts to the residents of these apartments!

Chrissy and Mark have helped me so much with my rescue dog, Daisy. When I adopted her, she was 5 years old and knew absolutely no commands. I consulted landMark animals immediately upon adoption in hopes that I could start training her on her first day home. It has only been a week since and Daisy is showing much improvement. Thanks to their knowledge, patience, and skill, they were able to teach my older, untrained dog some new tricks. Besides being amazing animal behaviorists, Chrissy and Mark are also incredibly caring people who have their customer's best interests at heart.


I contacted Landmark Animals to assist in training a 3 1/2 month old puppy that would only stay with us a short while. After interviewing Jack and I and laying out a plan, Jack has completely learned, stay, here (come), leave it, heel, fetch, and best of all his name in only a few visits. I have learned how to train an animal using positive reinforcement and no scolding. All I can say is WOW because they are dependable, professional and Jack is going to miss them. They changed his life and mine!

Compassionate & Knowledgeable

Recently I called Landmark Animals while my college son was home on spring break with his puppy whom he was having some difficulty with. Within an hour, both Mark and Chrissy arrived at our home to meet my son & his dog. They were both knowledgeable and caring dog behaviorists who offered insightful training techniques based on the individual dog/owner relationship using positive loving reinforcement with or without treats. Mark took his time and listened to my son's concerns to work out a plan of specific instructions to follow step by step to achieve immediate results. I am happy to report that although its only been a little over a week, my "grandpuppy" has shown significant improvement and I am so glad I called Landmark Animals! Thank you so much Mark & Chrissy- you are awesome!!!

Great Service

My dog Brady has been so much better since Chrissy came over and helped us. My dog no longer destroys the house when I leave for work.